Annual Report

April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015

Allegheny Regional Asset District
Allegheny Foundation
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission
Hilda M. Willis Foundation
First National Bank of Pennsylvania

Wendy and David Barensfeld*
Anne L. and George H. Clapp Charitable and Educational Trust
Susie and Roy Dorrance
First Niagara Bank
The Helen Clay Frick Foundation at the suggestion of I. Townsend Burden, Edward H. Dane*, Suzarra F. C. Durocher* and Alixine O’Malley Hauck*”
The Grable Foundation
Roy A. Hunt Foundation
NexTier Bank
PJ Dick Inc. – Trumbull Corp. – Lindy Paving
United States Steel Corporation
UPMC Health Plan

BilkeyKatz Investment Consultants, Inc.
Henry C. Frick Educational Fund of the Buhl Foundation
Jack Buncher Foundation
Mrs. Charles R. Burke
Ms. Carole King and Mr. Charles R. Burke, Jr.*
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Western PA
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Hurtt Foundation
The Lockhart Company
Massey Charitable Trust
Mrs. Constance T. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Nernberg
RR Donnelley Pittsburgh
James M. and Lucy K. Schoonmaker Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schuetz
The John P. and Elizabeth L. Surma Family Fund

The Pittsburgh Foundation
Ellen Still Brooks*
David* and Susan Brownlee
Mr.* and Mrs. David Burstin
Mr. Joseph Curtin* and Ms. Diane Radanof
Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, Inc.
The Ayco Charitable Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas J. Gillespie, Jr.
Hefren-Tillotson, Inc.
Steve and Cynthia Lackey
Levin Furniture
Ms. Cate Linn
Ms. Karen Oberg
Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward Olander
Paul and Nancy O’Neill Charitable Trust
Dr. Pamela Peele* and Mr. James Peele
Gretchen Rimbach Rasp
Cary* and Richard Reed
Tor Richter and Karen Esch
G. Whitney Snyder Charitable Fund
Mr.* and Mrs. Mark A. Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Staley IV
Dr. Sue M. Challinor and Mr. Matthew J. Teplitz*
Janie and Harry Thompson
Mr. and Ms. Jerry E. Katz
Betsy* and Charles Watkins

American Eagle Outfitters Foundation
Anonymous (2)
Lisa and Michael Anselmo*
Michael and Sherle Berger
Mia Hallett and Joel Bernard*
big Burrito Restaurant Group
Mr. William B. Bodine, Jr.
Mrs. Nadine E. Bognar
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bridges
Robert Barry and Nancy Bromall Barry*
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Brown
Jack Buncher Foundation
Calihan Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Dusty Kirk and Bill Caroselli
Nancy and Jim Chaplin
Dr. Florence Coleman
CONSOL Energy Inc.
George and Ada Davidson
Mrs. Donna L. Delie*
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Diederich
Mary Jo* and Lane Dively
Dollar Bank
Ms. Carolyn D. Duronio*
Mr.** and Mrs. Danforth P. Fales
Mr. Charles E. Felix
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Fine
The Fine Foundation
Mr. Richard L. Fischer and Mrs. Laura A. Tanczos
Mary Louise and Henry J. Gailliot
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Gallagher, Jr.
Mr. G. Gray Garland, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Genter
Mrs. Nanette Gordon
The Graham Family Fund
Irving and Aaronel deRoy Gruber Charitable Foundation
Mr.* and Mrs. Michael J. Hatcher
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Heery
Mr.* and Mrs. Harry W. Henninger
Henry L. Hillman Foundation
Elsie H. Hillman Foundation
Honkus-Zollinger Foundation
Mrs. Sara H. Horsman
Bettyanne and Jim Huntington
Ms. Elizabeth L. Kairys
Mrs. Cecelia Kelly
Mr. David A. Lower and Ms. Maureen McBride
Gordon and Kate MacVean Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. James Mauch
Mr. Paul C. McBeth III
Mrs. Mary C. McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. McGuinn
The Paul J. Myler Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Meyer
Meyer, Unkovic & Scott LLP
Modany & Falcone
Susan Neszpaul and Kira Neszpaul
Mr. Robin Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Nocito
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Pagliari
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Patton
Mr. Mark R. Power
Mr. and Mrs. Edward V. Randall, Jr.
Rania’s Catering
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Robertshaw, Jr.
Mrs. Jane Roesch
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Ryan III
Mr. David Sandborg
Nancy and Jim Chaplin
Cris and Alex Scott*
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Shear
Ms. J.L.H. Simonds
Gayle and Bill Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Keith Smith
Mr. Robert Smith
Smithfield Trust Company
Mrs. William L. Standish
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stockman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Taylor
Mr.* and Mrs. Louis L. Testoni
The Tomayko Group
Bonnie and Tom VanKirk
Sybil P. Veeder
The R. John Wean Family
Sheryl and Bruce Wolf

ABM Building Solutions
Mr. David T. Adams
Anonymous (4)
Dr. and Mrs. John C. Barber
Bennett Supply Company
The Biché Family
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Borntraeger
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Bruschi
Kathryn and Michael Bryson
Mr. and Mrs. Childs Frick Burden
Mr. Michael Miller and Ms. Barbara J. Carpenter
Dr. Miya Aysto and Mr. George E. Childs
Mrs. Jo-Ann Churchill
Dr. Anita P. Courcoulas and Mr. Ira Gumberg
The Davey Tree Expert Company
Joan Clark Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. DeWitt
James Donnell
Ms. Ann Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Hans G. Fleischner
Ms. Laurie Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Griffing
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Hasley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hernandez
Mr. Thomas J. Hilliard, Jr.+
John Houston
Mr. and Mrs. Torrence M. Hunt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hunt
Mr. and Mrs. James Isler*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jamison, Jr.
Diana and Peter Jannetta
Robert L. Jennings, Jr. and Barbara H. Bott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Kopf
Mr. and Mrs. Emil R. Liddell
Mrs. Howard M. Love
MacLachlan Cornelius & Filoni
Louise and Michael P. Malakoff
Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. McElhattan
Mr. John H. Moorhead
Ms. Shirley Moran
Ms. Ellen Ormond
Lynne E. Porter, M.D.
Ms. Joyce A. Redmerski
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Reese
Ms. Diana Reid
Dr. Neil Resnick and Dr. Susan Greenspan
Mrs. Anne K. Ringham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Riordan
Mr. Stephen G. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford R. Rowe, Jr.
Mrs. Harriet R. Schach
Mrs. Virginia W. Schatz
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Scheeren
Mrs. A. Reed Schroeder
Mr. Thomas C. Slater
Susan and Holly Sphar
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Starr
Ms. Diane R. Startari
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Steinbrenner
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Stept
Mrs. Henry P. Sullivan
Dr. Carla Weidman and Dr. John Weidman, II
Mr. and Mrs. Konrad M. Weis
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wilkinson
Ms. Ramona B. Wingate
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Zerega
Florence Zeve

Barbara B. Ackerman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Altman
Anonymous (7)
Mrs. Jane C. Arkus
Mrs. Clyde W. Armstrong
Mr. Richard Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Barnes
Dr. and Mrs. Stefano Bartoletti
Ms. Elaine Bellin and Ms. Phyllis Coontz
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Berkovitz
Ms. Robin J. Bernstein
Dr. Robert Schoen and Ms. Nancy Bernstein
Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Betts
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Beukema
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bianco
Mrs. Ann Biercewicz
Drs. Albert and Barbara Biglan
Walter and Patricia Blenko
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Block
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Booth, Jr.
Suzy and Jim Broadhurst
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Brody
John and Nancy Brownell Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Mrs. Gibson P. Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bush
Ms. Rose Marie Calandra
Mr. Patrick Curry and Ms. Susan B. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Camus
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Carlin, Jr.
Mr. James P. Cassaro
Ms. Susan S. Cercone
Mr. Clifford Chen and Ms. Robin Ziegler
Mrs. Sally H. Childs
Mrs. Parkman H. Clancy
Dr. Walter Clark
Mr. Robert Colonna and Ms. Mary Jane Kouc
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Congedo
Bill and Cynthia Cooley
Dr. and Mrs. James Cowin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Cunneen
Mr. John E. Cupper
Ms. Jamini V. Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Davis
Ms. Sandra Deaner
Mr. Todd Derr and Ms. Amy March
John and Lucy Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Dunkelman
Mr. and Mrs. Curt P. Ellenberg
Mrs. A. Ralph Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Emery
Cecelia Epperson
Tom and Cheryl Fogarty
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fratangelo
Summer and H. Duffy Friedlander
Mr. Gerry D. Getman
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Getty
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Giusti
Ms. Mary Kay Goodwin
Jane and George Greer
Dr. Stephen and Kathleen Guinn
Mrs. Stanley R. Gumberg
Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Hanna III
Mr. William J. Haus
Mr. Arthur D. Hellman
Ms. Martha S. Helmreich
Mr. David W. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Higgins
Dorothy and Bill Hill
Mr. J. R. Hiller
Mr. and Mrs. George Hoover
Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Hurite
Mr. and Mrs. William Isler
Dr. Richard P. Jacobs
Mr. Charles Jefferson and Mrs. Cynthia D’Agostino
Professor Martha W. Jordan
Mr. Tom Karcher and Ms. Maria Bowers
Ms. JoAnn Kartsonas
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight M. Keating
Mr. and Ms. Erik Keller
Ms. Ann D. Kelton and Mr. Jeffrey A. Hritz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Killigrew
Jacqueline Koscelnik
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Kunze
Lida and Ronald Larsen
Mrs. William E. Lewellen III
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lindsey
Tom and Gail Litwiler
Mrs. Paula M. Lockhart
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Martin
Ms. Penny Mateer and Mr. Randy Pearson
Mr. Clifford McCandless
Ms. Mary E. McFadden
Mrs. Susan B. McIntosh
Mr. Michael P. McSorley
Dr. William J. McVay and Dr. Joanne F. McVay
Ms. Marian Michaels
Mr. Pasquale Navarro and Mr. Daryl Hutson
Mrs. Kay C. Neuhausen
Mr. and Mrs. C. Cullinan Nied
Dr. and Mrs. Joop Offerman
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Olmsted
Mr. and Mrs. James O’Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ostrow
Peggy J. Ott, Ph.D.
Mr. Wilford A. Payne*
Mrs. Diane K. Petronko
Mr. Mark T. Phillis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Queenan, Jr.
Janet K. Quint
Duquesne Club
Nancy and Bill Rackoff
Patrick and Suzanne Reitz
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Resnick
Mr. James H. Rich
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Richard
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Roberts
Ms. Sharon M. Semenza and Mr. William M. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brooks Robinson
The Donald & Sylvia Robinson Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Robinson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Rom
Mrs. Louisa S. Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenthal
Ms. Linda C. Sadler
Dr. James Sahovey
Mr. and Mrs. Ferd J. Sauereisen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Saulnier
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin F. Scheetz, Jr.
Mrs. Ann Gibbons and Mr. William L. Scherlis
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Schoemer
Ms. Joliane K. Schroeder
Seamans Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Seibel
Mr. Harton S. Semple, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Siirola
Mr. Lee H. Silverman and Dr. Myrna Silverman
Mr. Christopher Nicklow and Mrs. Mary Siobhan
Mr.* and Mrs. Brian Sloan
Wallace and Patricia Smith
Mrs. Alice R. Snyder
Dr. John Soffietti and Ms. Judith Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Sorr
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Spina
Ms. Carol B. Goldburg and Ms. Kristina M. Straub
JoAnn and Tom Succop
Dr.* and Mrs. William M. Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tibbott
Dr. Patricia Tierney
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trainer
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Tucker
Dr. and Mrs. Justin Vujevich
Mr. and Mrs. Jon D. Walton
Mr. and Mrs. John Warmus
Mr. and Mrs. Milton A. Washington**
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Wentling, Jr.
Ms. Doris Carson Williams
Jacques M. Wood
Mrs. Dorothy K. Zikos

Fran Abraham
Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon Adler
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Aiello
Mrs. Anne E. Allen
Mrs. Joseph E. Allon
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn J. Alstadt
Mr. Richard C. Alter and Mr. Eric D. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Ammer
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Amorgianos
Ms. Karen Anderson
Ms. Doris Anderson
Mr. Tom A. Andrews
Ms. Christine Andrews
Anonymous (33)
Ms. Jeanne Antonuccio
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Appelt
Mrs. Joyce Arnowitz
Ms. Michele Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bacharach
Ms. Susan R. Bails and Mr. Howard Wein
Mr. Bruce Baker
Dr. Nancy A. Baker and Mr. Christopher S. Baker
Ms. Eleanore Barovitch
Ms. Margaret Barr
Mr. John Barrett and Ms. Kelly Gates
Mr. John A. Bavaro and Mr. Stanley Koepke
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Becker
Ms. Ann L. Begler and Ms. Judith Vollmer
Ms. Donna G. Belda
Dr. and Mrs. Sergei Belenky
Robert and Sharon Belesky
Ms. Beth Bell and Mr. Frank Foley
Ms. Effie Bend
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Bennett
Mrs. Louise C. Bergstrom
Mr. and Mrs. George Bernard
Ms. Daphne P. Bicket
Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Biegler
Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Biscardo
Ms. Donna L. Blackmon and Mr. Timothy McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. H. Vaughan Blaxter III
Ms. Charlotte Bluestone
Ms. Kate Blumen and Mr. Luke Staudenmaier
Ms. Cynthia A. Bognar
Ms. Margaret A. Bolin
Nigel and Ellen Bolland
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bostick
Stephen and Lisa Botos
Al Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Boyd
Mr. Charles Boyer
Drs. Robert and Kathleen Boykin
Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Boynton
Mr. James A. Bozigar
Mr. and Mrs. Erik Brecheisen
Mary and Russell Brignano
Ms. Mary L. Briscoe
Mrs. Leslie M. Brockett
Chuck and Jill Brodbeck
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Broughton
Mr. and Mrs. R. Kevin Brown, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Brown
Ms. Margaret Brown
Ms. Shelley Buhl
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bunting
Ms. Mary Burlando and Ms. Sarah Stiver
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Burnham
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney N. Busis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bussler
Mr. and Mrs. James Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cadwell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Caldwell
Ms. Judy L. Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. John Camp
Ms. Judy Caplan
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Cardoso
Ms. Carol B. Caroselli
Victoria Rhoades Carraro and Alvaro Carraro
Mr. Jay S. Carson
Ms. Rose Casciato and Ms. Andrea K. Hulsman
Mr. and Mrs. T. Ronald Casper
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Catarinella
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard C. Cauley
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Cavanaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Cellone
Mr. and Mrs. John Chadam
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. David Charlton
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn P. Chichester
Mr. Ron R. Chrislip
Ms. Ruth Ciemielewski
Dr. and Mrs. Brent Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Clark
Dr. Martha R. Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Clayton
Mr. Brian Clista and Mr. Arturo Flores
Mary Jane and Fred Colen
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Colker
Mr. James Colker
Lawrence and Judi Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Sean F. Collins
Mrs. Bernadette C. Connor
Mr. John G. Conomikes
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Conti
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur T. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cooper
Bill and Kathie Coppula
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cornell
Dr. and Mrs. Cleon Cornes
Ms. Deborah Corsini
Dr. Charles Cosentino
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Coslov
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Coslov
Mr. Jess D. Costa
Ms. Michelle Couch and Ms. Susan Mankowski
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Z. Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. David Cowan
Ms. Hanley B. Cox
Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cozza
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Craige
Susan O. Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. Chad E. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Crumpler
Mr. William Cullen and Ms. Susan Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham
Ms. Eleanor A. Cunningham
Bob and Judy Cunningham
Mr. Eric O. D’Ambrogi and Mr. James R. Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. R. Michael Daniel
Mr. William J. Darr
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Davis
Mrs. Ada Davis
Mr. Ellison Davison
Ms. Lila I. Decker
Ms. Sabina E. Deitrick and Mr. Steve Begler
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Del Presto
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Demase
Ms. Naomi E. Demor
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Denney
Mr. Larry R. Dennis
Dr. Bill DeWalt and Ms. Sylvia Keller
Mr. and Mrs. John Dingess
Ms. Deborah D. Dodds
Ms. Joan Drudi
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Dukelow
Ms. Barbara Dunn
Dr. and Mrs. Martin F. Earle
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Eaton, Jr.
Ms. Mary Jane Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Eisenhart
Dr. Peggy H. Elkus
Mrs. Jacqueline Ellis
Ms. Mary Engel
Ms. Karen R. Engeseth
Mr. Dennis Epple and Ms. Linda Argote
Ms. Lois A. Erhard
Mr. Lauren Ernst and Mrs. Christine Dixon-Ernst
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Ernzer
Ms. Karen Esch
Mr. Francis E. Fairman III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Farrell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Feldstein
Mr. Robert Feller
Dr. Berrylin J. Ferguson and Ms. Elizabeth McCarty
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fidoten
Ms. Marie C. Fiduccia and Dr. Richard W. Stypula
Mr. Richard E. Fisher
Mrs. James A. Fisher
Paul and Joanna Fitting
Ms. Noreen Fitzpatrick and Mr. Thomas Sterling
Mr. and Mrs. David Fitzpatrick
Mr. Mark F. Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Flannery
Ms. Susanne Fox
Ms. Mary I. Frank
The Honorable Dan B. Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Franklin
Mr. Gary Frantz
Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey E. Frazier II
Mr. Lloyd G. Freed, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Freeman
Mr. Bruce Freeman and Ms. Margaret Tarpey
Mr. and Mrs. Wynn H. Frick
Ms. Janet Frissora
Mr. Lawrence A. Frolik and Ms. Ellen M. Doyle
Hilda Pang and Freddie Fu
Ms. Lorie Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fulmer
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Futrell
Mr. William Gagliardino
Mr. and Mrs. David Gallatin
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Garbooshian, Jr.
Mrs. Myron P. Garfunkel
Ms. Irene Garger
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Gaul
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gearhart
Mr. and Mrs. Murry Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Gerst A. Gibbon
Gordon and Mary Gibson
Mrs. Flo Gilchrist
Eric, Amanda and Josie Gillen
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gillman
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gillotti
Dr. Robin Girdhar and Ms. Madelyn Reilly
Dr. James A. Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gockley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Goehring
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Golightly
Ms. Donna Gottschalk
Ms. Rita J. Gould
Mr. and Mrs. John Green II
Mrs. Marjorie C. Greenberger
Mrs. C. Diane Gregerson
Barbara and Harry A. Griffith III
Ms. Pamela J. Groff
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Grogan
Barbara and David Grover
Mrs. Harry O. Gruner III
Mrs. Lisa Guadagnino
Ms. Linda Haddad and Mr. Ronald Stone
Ms. Sarah J. Hall and Mr. Jamie Gruzska
Mr. Haider A. Hamoudi and Ms. Sara Abdullah
Jeanne M. Hanchett, M.D.
Mr. Jason Hansen
Mr. Charles H. Harff
The Honorable Janet G. Harner
Mr. Edward H. Harrell
Mr. and Mrs. Volker Hartkopf
Ms. Victoria M. Hartung
Roger and Lou Haskett
Ms. Joan Heineman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Heitzenroder
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Hempel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heneroty
Mr. Paul Henry and Ms. Helen Billak
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Hertel
Nancy M. Hetzel
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Hill
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Hoffman
Mr. Henry P. Hoffstot, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. B. Kirk Holman
Ms. Ann S. Holmes
Dr. and Mrs. Elmer Holzinger
Mr. David C. Hook and Mrs. Lisa McVay Hook
Ms. Laura Horner
Ms. Rita A. Hostetter
Mr. Michael Houlahan and Ms. Michele Cole
Mr. Emanuel Hudock
Mr. Lyndall Huggler and Dr. Elizabeth Seiders
Adrienne and John Hunter
Mrs. Sally M. Imbriglia
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Indovina
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Irwin
Mr. and Mrs. H. Vaughn Irwin
Mrs. Ann Isaac
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Isacke, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Byron H. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jacob
Ms. Louise G. Jencik
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Jennings
Ms. Pamela Johnson and Mr. Ray Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Justin M. Johnson
Ms. Melissa Jones and Ms. Montana DelCiello
Josh Steel Company Inc.
Ms. Eileen Jozefov and Ms. Kathy Jozefov
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kalson
Mrs. Marge Kane
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Kane
Peter and Leslie Kaplan
Mr. Costas G. Karakatsanis and Ms. Barbara Blackmond
Ms. Marianne Kasica and Mr. Larry Laude
Mrs. Wallis F. Katz
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Katz
Mr. Carlos Kearns
Mrs. Fran Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Kendig
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Kennedy
Paul and Patricia Kennedy
Gail and Richard Kepple
Mr. Shoun T. Kerbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry J. Kerlin
Mr. Arthur J. Kerr, Jr.
Mr. Michael Kichi
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Kinley
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Kinney
Dr. Neal Klitsch
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Kniola
Mr. and Mrs. George Koch
Mr. and Mrs. John Kolson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kotarsky
Mr. David Kozloff and Mr. Mark Meaders
Mr. and Mrs. F. Gordon Kraft
Dr. Elliott Kramer and Mr. Bill Modrak
Ms. Beth Kreinin and Ms. Renee Rowe
Mr. Matthew Kresock and Ms. Laura Hall
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kudlac
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis C. Kuhnemund
Dr. Beatrice Kunka and Mr. Scott Kunka
Mrs. Marjorie N. Ladley
Dr. Joseph F. Lagana
Mr. Douglas L. Rabuzzi and Ms. Jennifer R. Lakin
Paul and Pam Lakits
Ms. Jane T. Lamberty
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Lammie
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Land, Jr.
Ms. and Mr. Bette Landish
Eileen and Nicholas Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Langholz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Laskow
Mr. Gregory F. Lauer
Ms. Leona K. LaValley
Ms. Sarah Law
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lawrence
Dr. Meryl Lazar
Ms. Bonnie S. Leake
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Leckey
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lee
Mr. Jeffrey Leech and Ms. Sue Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lehn
Miss Mary Lenox
Mr. and Mrs. Peter & Sylvia Leo
Mrs. Marianne Lesonick
Dr. Macy Levine and Ms. Alice Neft
Mrs. Lois G. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Lieberman
Paul and Jane Lienhardt
Ms. Elsa Limbach
Ms. Sheryl Linck
Mr. and Mrs. Lane L. Liston, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Loevner
Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Lorincy
Ms. Karen Loysen and Mr. Doug Berryman
Mrs. Bobbie F. Lucchino
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Lucidi
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Lutz
David A. Lynch and Dorothy A. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas MacPhail
Mr. and Mrs. F. Paul Mahu
Mr. John Maitland and Mr. James Thompson
Miss Martha Malinzak
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Malley, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ernest K. Manders
Ms. Ellen Mankoff and Mr. Eugene Dwyer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marin
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard S. Mars
Mr. Michael Marshal
Mr. and Mrs. Gary W. Martin
Mrs. Joyce Martin
John A. Martine, A.I.A.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Massaro, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Matter
Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Maxwell III
Mr. and Mrs. John Mazur
Mr. Earl A. McCabe, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen E. McCann
Dr. and Mrs. John McCarthy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan K. McClure
Ms. Ellen McConnell
Sibby and Duff McCrady
Mr. and Mrs. TJ McCrady
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth McCrory
Mrs. Jean H. McCullough
Mary A. McDonough
Mrs. Margaret J. McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Ray McGowan
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony McKay
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. McKenna
Ms. Megan McKissick
Mr. and Mrs. Bill McLaughlin
Mr. Daniel McNamara and Mrs. Amanda M. Veoni
Dr. John McSorley
Ms. Melissa M. McSwigan and Mr. Robert Raczka
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mediate
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Medsger
Arthur S. Levine, M.D. and Ms. Linda S. Melada
Mrs. Edith M. Mellon
Ms. Tina Mengine
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Merchant
Mr. and Mrs. Ralston W. Merchant
Ms. Nancy N. Merrill
Ms. Amy Merritt and Mr. Evan Schmidt
Mr. Jason A. Mesiarik and Dr. Constance Mesiarik
Mr. and Mrs. David Metinko
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Mr. Richard N. Miller
Mr. Jeff Miller and Mr. David McDougal
Dr. Wendy M. Milne
Ms. Carolyn Monaco
Mr. and Mrs. Windle Mook
Dr. Terence E. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Moretti
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Morgenstern
Mr. and Mrs. Donald I. Moritz
Mrs. Mary Morningstar
Jane and Sam Morton
Mr. Brinton Motheral
Ms. Elizabeth Mullaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Mullin
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Murphey
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Muse
Dr. Robert Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Myers
Dr. and Mrs. Brad A. Myers
Mr. Michael Natelson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neal
Ms. Alice Neishloss
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Neumeyer
Ms. Patricia K. Nichols
Ms. Sandra Nicklas and Mr. Art Humphreys
Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Nieland
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nimtz
Ms. Susan Nock
Dr. Nikki P. Nordenberg and Mr. Mark A. Nordenberg
Ms. Patricia L. Norkus
Mrs. Thomas P. Nowalk
Ms. Rebecca Nyren
Mr. Robert J. O’Gara
Fritz Okie
Dr. Dane Olevian and Dr. Hui-Wei Chen
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Olin
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome F. O’Malley
Ms. Shirley S. Oppenheim
Mr. Dee Jay Oshry and Dr. Bart Rack
Mr. Elliott S. Oshry
Ms. Lisa Osmundsen
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O’Toole
Mr. Cliff Packer and Ms. Margaret Meals
Mrs. Roy Parlour
Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Patterson
Judy Horgan and Steve Pavsner*
Mr. Robert A. Paysen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Peirce, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Perer
Ms. Mary Peterson-Wilkins
Dr. Jennifer Petrie-Signore and Dr. Armando P. Signore
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pfahl
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Pfendler, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Phillips
Mr. Jon R. Piersol
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ploskon
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Polachek
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver L. Poppenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Pottmeyer III
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Pratt
Drs. Ed and Denise Prochownik
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Prykull
Mrs. Barbara Rackoff
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Raiff
Mr. and Mrs. James Ramage
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Read
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Redmond
Shawn and Karen Reed
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bennett Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Reif
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rescher
Ms. Rose P. Ricci
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Rice
Mr. Leonard Richards and Ms. Maureen McClure
Mr. and Mrs. C. Charles Richardson
Dr. Mark Richardson and Dr. Mara Richardson
Ms. Deborah J. Robinson
Ms. Charlie Roche
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Rodgers
Mrs. Mary C. Roehrich
Mr. Brian Rohleder and Mr. David Doorley
Mr. and Mrs. V. Timothy Rooney
Mr. Douglas Root and Mr. Luke Miller
Dr. Lee Rosenblum
Mr. Anthony G. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Rostek
Ms. Virginia Mance and Mr. Robert Roth
Mr. and Mrs. James Roth
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard L. Rottschaefer
Dr. Bryan and Ms. Marie Routledge
Ms. Louisa Rudolph
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S. Ruffin
David and Alison Ryan
Ms. Bonnie Rydell
Michael and Deborah Sailsbery
Ms. Merrilee H. Salmon
Ms. Kathleen A. Sandoe and Mr. Dan Ready
Mr. Frederic B. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Saxon
Frances J. Saxon
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Schavone
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scheib
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Schenck
Ms. Kathleen D. Schneider and Ms. Patricia Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Schober
Mr. Robert F. Schollaert and Mrs. Wendy Carse
Ms. Dina Schoonmaker
Ms. Elizabeth Schwartz
Ms. Leah M. Schwotzer
Ms. Nancy L. Scott
Elizabeth and David Segel
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond F. Sekula
Mr. Brian Sesack
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shamey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shamos
Mrs. Virginia M. Shar
Mr. Thomas E. Sheehan
Dr. Julia Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Shoemaker
Mr. Bob Shreve and Ms. Darlene Cridlin
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold B. Silverman
Marjorie K. Silverman
Ms. Deborah M. Simak
Dr. Richard L. Simmons
Dr. Sheryl Simon
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Simpson
Ms. Ruth N. Sinsheimer
Dr. and Mrs. M. Leon Skolnick
Dr. Susan J. Smerd
Mrs. Jayne Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Smith
Dr. Thomas Soltis
Dr. Jeremy P. Somers and Ms. Cynthia Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sommer
Ceci Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Spahr
Ms. Jeri Spann and Mr. Russell Sheldon
Mr. and Mrs. George Spanos
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Spatz
Ms. Deborah Spiher
Mr. Henry D. Spinelli
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Stalder
Mrs. Helen Stamatelos
Mr. Martin Staniland and Mrs. Alberta Sbragia
Stanton Electric
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Stapinski
Mr. and Mrs. James Stark
Ms. Euphemia H. Steffey
Mr. Evan Stein
Mrs. MaryJean Stephen
Dr. Mervin S. and Marcia M. Stewart
Ms. Linda R. Stotts
Mr. and Mr. Neill Stouffer
Mr. George F. Stowell
Mr. Soren Suver
Mrs. Nancy J. Svoboda
Ms. Cindy Svrcek
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar E. Swan III
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sylves
Edward L. Symons, Jr. and Cynthia K. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Tatro
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Templeton
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Teti
Ms. Ritu Thamman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas
The Rev. and Mrs. Henry L. Thompson III
Ms. Arlene Timmons
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Titus
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Tobin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Toffolo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Toth
Dr. Gary D. Toth and Dr. Debra L. Carberry
Mr. Jonathan Traficonte
Ms. Jane F. Treherne-Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. David Troxell
Mr. H. Woodruff Turner
Dixie and John Tymitz
Ms. Courtney Vadnais
Dr. John Valentich and Dr. Colleen Sari
Ms. Patricia Valoon
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Van Der Veer
Dr. and Mrs. Thierry Verstraeten
Dr. Donald Vigliotti and Dr. Kathy Selvaggi
Dr. and Mrs. Ken VonderPorten
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Voros
Ms. Jean Wagner and Mr. Ralph T. DeStefano
Mr. Timothy L. Wagner and Mr. Thomas Wagner
Robert and Lynne Walicki
Mr. John A. Wall
Judy Walrath
Mr. Leslie J. Ward
Mr. Dana Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Watson
Mr. Stephen P. Webster
Marvin Wedeen
Mrs. Edward R. Weidlein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weiner
Dr. JoAnn Bevilacqua Weiss
Ms. Deborah Wells and Mr. Randall Wiesenmayer
Mr. Gregory A. Werner
Steve and Susan Wesmiller
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Westerberg
Roger Westman and William Stevens
Mr. George Whitmore and Dr. Marilyn Whitmore
Ms. Barbara L. Widdoes
Mr. and Mrs. H. Wayne Wiester
Mr. Arthur Wiland and Ms. Kathleen T. Carskaddan
Ms. Elizabeth Wild
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Willock III
Judge Ronald Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Winikoff
Ms. Judy J. Wojanis
Mr. and Mrs. Lee N. Wolff
Mrs. Thekla Wolfson
Ms. Victoria Woshner
Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Wrenn
Dorothy F. Wriedt
Dr. and Mrs. David G. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wyble
Mrs. William M. Wycoff
Mrs. Ellie M. Yearsley
Ms. Constance Zahorchak and Mr. Christopher Zahorchak
Ms. Octavia Zamagias and Ms. Elizabeth Zamagias
Ms. Marie Zanotti
Ms. Ronnie Zuhlke

**Trustee Emeritus


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