The Frick Pittsburgh stands with our community in defense of civil rights. Black lives matter. Read our full message here.

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A Message to Our Community

The Frick Pittsburgh decries the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Antwon Rose II, and countless other Black citizens. Racial violence and the structural inequalities that allow it to perpetuate are a toxic inheritance.

Our staff has embarked on the difficult process of dismantling our biases and working to become actively anti-racist. As we move into the future, we strive to bring a mindset of radical empathy to everything we do. Diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion are the compass points of our journey.

The Frick Pittsburgh commits to the following actions:

1. The Frick Pittsburgh supports the Black Lives Matter movement and shares its commitment “to create space for Black imagination and innovation.”

2. The Frick Pittsburgh commits to cultivate a staff and board that oppose all discrimination and are actively anti-racist by taking the following steps:
  • Providing staff and community listening sessions and learning opportunities for all staff & board members in 2020
  • Providing ongoing opportunities for education and enlightenment of all employees and trustees thereafter
  • Publishing annual progress reports on this work in the Frick’s Annual Report (beginning in 2021) 
3. The Frick Pittsburgh seeks to create an environment of physical and psychological safety for our Black staff and visitors. To that end, we are committed to doing the following:
  • Training all employees in verbal de-escalation techniques to empower our staff to interact with respect, professionalism, and empathy
  • Requiring that every staff member participate in ongoing anti-racist education (as outlined above)
  • Strictly enforcing the policy that all employees adhere to our organization’s values, which include respect for all human rights, while at work or otherwise representing the Frick
  • Hiring more Black and diverse colleagues at all levels of the organization (as described below)
  • Building trusted partnerships with organizations in the Black community, including by proactively participating in neighborhood activities outside our campus
  • Making our site available to our neighbors for gatherings of Black community organizations
  • Using signage on our campus and statements on our website to demonstrate our commitment to treat all people with respect and dignity
4. The Frick Pittsburgh hereby adopts a Rooney Rule for staff hiring and vendor selection—no search, at any level of the organization, may proceed without qualified Black and other diverse candidates in the selection pool.

5. The Frick Pittsburgh will complete and publish a diversity audit of our museum collections by 2021 and use that information to establish diversity goals for acquisitions.

6. The Frick Pittsburgh will consult with Black stakeholders and people of color to learn about and represent the interests of diverse audiences in our exhibitions, educational programs, communications, museum store, and food services.

7. The Frick Pittsburgh will expand our professional networks to include diverse organizations, such as the African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania, which can help us expand our partnerships, audiences, and applicant pools.

8. We pledge to develop strategies to diversify our leadership and board within the period covered by our Strategic Plan (2020-2027).

At this historic moment, we stand with the entire Black community. Black people deserve full access to the civil rights guaranteed by our laws; to be treated with dignity and respect; to be seen, valued, and heard. Black lives matter.

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