Date(s) - Tuesday, June 20
10:00 am - 5:00 pm



Site-specific installation in the Greenhouse
Free admission

Nationally recognized contemporary artist Elise Adibi melds an interest in formal structure with an interest in exploring our connection to nature; at the Frick this will be the basis for an installation in our greenhouse creating a living environment of plants and paintings. The inspiration for this project developed from Adibi’s frequent use of plant materials and organic matter in her studio practice. Her paintings often incorporate pigments formulated from plant oils to create a multi-sensory experience of form, color and scent. Adibi will work with the innate characteristics of the greenhouse—making use of the natural light, seasonal changes, and elevated humidity to both display and transform her artwork. Planned as a series of paintings installed to surround the viewer and coexist with the plants, Respiration Paintings explores the interconnection and intimate relationship between art, nature and people. Organized by The Frick Pittsburgh.

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