The Car and Carriage Museum will reopen May 6 for Pittsburgh and the Great Migration!
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The Frick Store will be closed Tuesday, March 28.

Improving, Preserving, and Enhancing

Current Construction and Restoration at the Frick

The Frick has embarked on a series of construction projects. Together, they will improve accessibility to our site, preserve our collections for future generations, and enhance the beauty and safety of our garden campus. Curious to learn more? Read on to discover what these projects entail, what they mean for your next visit, and how you can become involved.

In the 52 years since The Frick Art Museum first opened its doors, we have welcomed more than 1,000,000 visitors to The Frick Pittsburgh. Our collection of museums, visitor amenities and verdant campus are a treasure of Pittsburgh’s East End. The current projects will enhance it all—from The Frick Art Museum to Clayton, from the Car and Carriage Museum to the Greenhouse and Café. 

Why are we undertaking them? To preserve what you love best about the Frick for the next generation, while providing you with safer, more accessible, and more beautiful means of navigating and enjoying our site today.  

What’s happening?

Across-Campus Lighting

To ease your navigation and enjoyment of our site, we are introducing shielded, downward-facing lights alongside campus pathways and illuminating selected trees and buildings. 
  • The new light fixtures are energy efficient. 
  • The project meets International Dark-Sky Association standards.
  • By reducing light pollution, the Frick is participating in a growing international movement—to protect the night sky filled with stars as a shared heritage that benefits human communities and the natural world alike. 
  • The effect will be beautiful!

The work of bringing electrical connections to the locations of the new light fixtures requires extensive digging across the Frick’s campus. Thank you for excusing the temporary piles of earth and occasional sidewalk detours. The work is progressing from south (Reynolds Street) to north (Penn Avenue). Most of the campus—with the exception of the complex northwest corner—will be complete by spring 2023.   

Car & Carriage Museum Roof

On September 6, 2022, the Car and Carriage Museum will close for approximately six months. 
  • During that time, the entire collection of cars and carriages will be placed in storage.
  • The nearby Education Center will remain open as usual. 
  • The closure will accommodate much-needed repairs to the roof and ceiling.
  • Preventing future water incursion will help to preserve the collection for all.
  • When the museum reopens in May 2023, it will have a watertight slate roof, additional insulation to enhance the building’s energy efficiency, and a freshly repainted interior. 
  • Watch our website for updates about the next exhibition in the Car and Carriage Museum, Black Mobility: Autonomy and the Automobile in Pittsburgh 1916–1955 (May 13, 2023–February 4, 2024).
  • Black Mobility will not only be the first exhibition in the refurbished galleries, it will also be the first-ever Car and Carriage Museum exhibition to be accompanied by a catalogue.

Clayton Chimneys

You also will notice scaffolding around Clayton, the historic home of the Pittsburgh industrialist and internationally distinguished art collector Henry Clay Frick. From August 2022 through May 2023, all five chimneys will be repaired.
  • Masons will repoint the brick chimneys.
  • Architectural preservationists will take samples of the original paint.
  • Those samples will strengthen our understanding of the original paint colors.
  • The architectural preservationists will also test a new paint-like product and carefully monitor it over the course of the next year.
  • The results of that test will inform our future plans to repaint the entire exterior of Clayton.

How can you become involved?

  • Visit the Frick and experience for yourself all that we have to offer you—even while these projects are taking place. 

What’s Next?

From 2023 through 2025, we will be turning our attention to Clayton’s magnificent exterior.
  • In the first year of the project, we expect to remove existing paint and undertake preservation work that arises through that process.
  • In the second year, we will repaint the 23-room, 4-storey mansion.
  • In the third year, we will install International Dark-Sky Association-complaint exterior lighting.
  • The results should showcase Clayton as the regional civic monument it has become!
  • As part of these activities in the northwest corner of the Frick’s campus, we will enhance the lighting and accessibility, of the Penn Avenue pedestrian entrance.

What’s Complete?

Reynolds Street Parking Lot which now features:

  • A safe and accessible pedestrian entrance, separating the sidewalk used by people from the busy driveway used by vehicles; 
  • Updated sidewalk curb cuts to create a straight, safe route for strollers, wheelchairs, and other wheeled devices; 
  • A more thoughtful configuration of the accessible parking spaces;
  • Light fixtures refurbished for energy efficiency and to reduce light pollution;
  • Underground electrical conduit that will provide the capacity to add Electric Vehicle charging stations in the future;
  • A greener surface, with the addition of more plants and trees; and
  • A repaved surface and improved substructure to slow future damage.  

Did you know? As part of the parking lot refurbishment, the Frick has installed an emergency generator capable of powering all systems in the Frick Art Museum, Education Center, and Car and Carriage Museum.