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The Frick Pittsburgh stands with our community in defense of civil rights and is working to become actively anti-racist. Read our full message.


The Frick Pittsburgh Staff

Director’s Office

Elizabeth E. Barker, Ph.D., Executive Director 

Advancement & Engagement

Jodi Golomb, Manager of Institutional Support, Acting Director of Advancement & Engagement 
E-mail  | 412-342-4089

Maddy Fisher, Manager of Individual Support 
E-mail | 412-342-4098

Keri Golebiewski, Interim Membership Manager and Development Operations Coordinator
E-mail | 412-342-4032

Nancy Pedraja, Membership & Development Assistant
E-mail | 412-342-4086

Collections / Curatorial

Dawn Reid Brean, Curator, Acting Chief Curator & Director of Collections
E-mail | 412-342-4066

Kim Cady, Assistant Curator, Car and Carriage Museum
E-mail | 412-342-4020

Melanie Groves, Manager of Exhibitions & Registrar
E-mail | 412-342-4073

Enterprise & Visitor Services

Beth Muth, Director of Enterprise & Visitor Services
E-mail | 412-342-4064

Paul Lauteri, Café Manager
E-mail | 412-342-4061

Museum Experience Associates
Alicia Britton
Amanda Cryzter
Cora Crytzer
Katharine Fleischner
Morgan Lawrence
Natalie Lorenze
Lydia Peifer
Shawn Robinson
Madeline Schatten
Victoria Trimble
Arianna Lower



Lisa Gehring, Director of Finance
E-mail | 412-342-4068 

John Hrenick, Finance Associate
E-mail | 412-342-4078

Learning & Visitor Experience

Amanda Dunyak Gillen, Director of Learning & Visitor Experience
E-mail | 412-342-4072

Caito Amorose, Manager of Partnerships & Performances
E-mail | 412-342-4091

Molly Sheedy Kilbridge, Manager of Community & Family Learning
E-mail | 412-342-4062

Kelly McMasters-Parsons, Coordinator of Learning & Visitor Experience
E-mail | 412-342-4087

Kelsie Torrenti Paul, Manager of Interpretation & Engagement
E-mail | 412-342-4063

Lisa Viscusi, Manager of Adult Learning
E-mail | 412-342-4060

Ana Rodriguez Castillo, Arts Project Coordinator

Breanna Merritt, Program Assistant

Jo Ellen Aleshire
Charles Altman
Jamie Blatter
Holly Burnett
Helenann Chase
Nancy Coleman
Kristine Comito Gupta
Megan Crutcher
Kathy Dax
Heather Deem
JoAnn DeForrest
Joyce Dorman
Pamela Gianni
Melanie Linn Gutowski
Mary Guzowski
Kathleen Hewston
James Hughes
Anne Isaac
Dllas Knight
Brian LeMaster
Linda Liechty
Virgina McCarthy
Lori McDermott
Joan Miles
Sue Morris
Nancy Nernberg
Teresa Polozoff
Cynthia Poole
Pamela Price
Judy Reese
Joy Richardson
Winifred Schano
Heather Shanks
Barbara Tischler
Janet Treser
Sandra Ward
Dennis Wickline
Catherine Wright

Docent Trainees
Sarah Allen
Nicole Bosley
Karen Crenshaw
William Griffith
Karen Leong
Amy Jaffe
Terri McKenzie
Jose Mieres
Mark Terrell

Linda Ahlstedt
Susan Bails
Chenoa Baker
Elizabeth Christof
Stephen Cicero
Nancy Craft
Carly DiPaolo
Bernadette Fischer
Helen Garrison Bradlow
Susan Goldman
Denise Humphrey
Linda Johnson
Susan Knight
Patricia Labanc
Cynthia Lackey
Nora Lopez
Stacey McSorley
Mary Noonan
Sharon Riesmeyer
Midred Ryan
June Schultz
Carol Schurman
Jane Steiner
Paul Sylves
Deborah Talarico
Elizabeth Wilkinson
Elisa Yukstas

Teacher Trainees
Alexandra Freyvogel
Seth Graziani
Sally Meyers

Marketing & Communications

Greg Langel, Director of Marketing & Communications
E-mail | 412-342-4075

Kaitlyn Clem, Marketing & Communications Associate
E-mail | 412-342-4025

Emily Davis, Publications & Website Manager
E-mail | 412-342-4082

Policy & Internal Resources

Barry Adams, Director of Human Resources
E-mail | 412-342-4065

Bill Nichols, Director of Operations
E-mail | 412-342-4067

Jennifer Forster, Human Resources Generalist
E-mail | 412-342-4038

Greg Lauer, Security Manager
E-mail | 412-342-4076

Jim Marchetti, IT & Systems Technician
E-mail | 412-342-4094

Kim Rothert, Grounds Manager
E-mail | 412-342-4083

Collin Green, Security & Gallery Attendant Administrator

Mike McGough, Maintenance Coordinator

Travell McKines, Operations Coordinator

David Neville, Gallery Attendant Coordinator

Gallery Attendants
Donald Henderson
Emil Kemp
Chelsea Leber
Scott Mayhew
Rosemary Sainne
Richard Shields
Thomas Smith
Igor Vishnevetsky
Perry Weber

Grounds Crew
Jerome Demarino, Jr.
James Konop
John Maloney
Daniel Martinac

Gary Daniels
Leah Peifer
Daniel Stablie
Anna Wagstaff
Anthony Williams, Jr.

Rental Events

Rosalie Garfinkle, Rental Events Coordinator
E-mail | 412-342-4037