Our Staff


Director’s Office

Robin Nicholson, Executive Director | E-mail
Kathi Connelly, Assistant to the Executive Director & Frick Societies Concierge | E-mail


Advancement & Engagement

Susan Neszpaul, Director of Advancement & Engagement | E-mail
Alessandra Browne, Development Manager | E-mail
Morgan Walbert, Development Manager | E-mail
Keri Golebiewski, Development Associate | E-mail
Aimee Bernard, Membership & Development Assistant | E-mail


The Cafe at The Frick

Mike Chavara, Café Manager| E-mail
Kevin Watson, Chef | E-mail
Chase Goumas, Pastry Chef | E-mail
Jay Wallace, Sous Chef | E-mail


Collections / Curatorial

Sarah J. Hall, Chief Curator, Director of Collections | E-mail
Dawn Reid Brean, Associate Curator of Decorative Arts | E-mail
Christina Fisher, Associate Curator of Architecture & Gardens| E-mail
Kim Cady, Assistant Curator, Car and Carriage Museum | E-mail
Melanie Groves, Manager of Exhibitions and Registrar | E-mail


Finance & Enterprise

Lisa Macioce, CFO | E-mail
Nick Grigorovich, Staff Accountant | E-mail


Learning & Visitor Experience

Amanda Dunyak Gillen, Director of Learning & Visitor Experience
E-mail | 412-342-4072

Caito Amorose, Manager of Partnership Events & Performances
E-mail | 412-342-4091

Molly Sheedy Kilbridge, Manager of Community & Family Learning
E-mail | 412-342-4062

Kelly McMasters, Coordinator of Learning and Visitor Experience
E-mail | 412-342-4087

Kelsie Torrenti, Manager of School Learning
E-mail | 412-342-4063


Marketing & Communications

Greg Langel, Marketing & PR Manager | E-mail


Museum Store

Beth Muth, Visitor Services & Enterprise Manager | E-mail


Policy & Internal Resources

Linda S. Buker, Director of Policy & Internal Resources | E-mail
Jennifer Forster, Administrative Assistant | E-mail
Lynn Rice, Systems & Data Manager | E-mail
Greg Lauer, Security Manager | E-mail
Billy Jo Pace, Facilities Manager | E-mail
Kim Rothert, Grounds Manager | E-mail
Libby Doss, Meetings & Events Manager | E-mail

Rental Events

Libby Doss, Meetings & Events Manager | E-mail