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Partner with the Frick

Do you wish to collaborate with The Frick Pittsburgh to host your program or cultural event at the museum? Partnerships encourage audience development and provide organizations a way to connect more broadly with the community. 

We welcome any organization’s idea for a collaboration that will result in an exciting synergy and dynamic program that benefits both the Frick and the partnering organization, and look forward to working on the innovative and unique opportunities that can be created through successful partnerships. Some groups we’ve partnered with in the past include Quantum Theatre, Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (PAEYC), Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council (GPAC), PICT Classic Theatre, and Grow Pittsburgh. 

Due to the high volume of requests and resource constraints, unfortunately we cannot accept every proposal. Also, the Frick does not host fund-raising events that solely benefit other organizations or individuals. However, we have provided some guiding principles and a step-by-step process for partnering organizations to submit their ideas.


Collaborative Principles

  • To provide audiences of all ages opportunities for learning, imagining and expressing diverse ideas.

  • To provide cultural experiences that inspire and educate through a range of program topics and themes.

  • To work with select partners to develop programming that enriches and expands each organization’s scope while maintaining the support of current followers and attracting new audiences. 


Please consider the following questions:

  1. Does my program reach a nontraditional museum visitor?
  2. Have I explored all possible connections between my idea and ongoing Frick programming or events?
  3. What is the goal of my program?
  4. Is my timeframe realistic? 
  5. Will my program require marketing support from the Frick?
  6. Will my proposal specifically demonstrate how the program relates to the Frick collection or special exhibition and fulfills the programmatic goals established by the museum?


Please indicate which arrangement would be most desirable for your organization at this time: 

  1. The partnering organization covers all costs of the event including speaker/performer fees, reception costs, facility fees, security, and audiovisual. The Frick provides the venue, staff coordinator and limited marketing support. 
  2. The partnering organization covers all costs for a specific portion of the event. The Frick provides the venue and specific services and amenities. In return, the Frick will receive a pre-determined portion of revenue from the event.  

Submit My Program

To get started, all potential partnering organizations must complete the following questionnaire. Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will review your idea. If your program meets our guidelines, we will invite you to submit a more detailed description of the event for the committee’s review. 

We will consider events that occur a minimum of 6-12 months or more (depending on the complexity of the program) after receipt of your questionnaire to allow adequate time to plan, contract and market the program.

Please email any questions to Manager of Partnerships & Performances, Caito Amorose, at