Workshop Policies

Behavioral Guidelines

The Frick Pittsburgh aims to provide the best possible experience to all participants. Our workshops provide space and time for kids to explore, create, and make new friends.

To ensure that each participant has the best possible experience, we expect all to:

  1. Respect yourself
  2. Respect others
  3. Respect the space
  4. Respect the art materials

At the start of each workshop, Frick educators will review specific rules and behaviors necessary for everyone to have a positive experience, including:

  • Participants must remain with adult supervision in designated areas at all times.
  • Take care of all art materials, art projects, and spaces.
  • Treat other participants, staff, and public museum visitors with respect.
  • Threats and acts of physical violence are prohibited.

Discipline Procedures

When a participant does not follow behavioral expectations, Frick educators will respond in accordance with the nature of the violation.

  1. Staff will redirect the participant to more appropriate behavior.
  2. The participant will be reminded of the behavior guidelines and rules, and may be asked to decide on action steps to correct their behavior. Adults may be called upon to assist with solutions.
  3. If adults have already been contacted to assist in correcting behavior, the participant may be dismissed from present and future workshops.

There is a zero tolerance policy for threats or acts of physical violence. If the safety of another camper or staff member is at risk, parents/guardians will be called for an immediate dismissal from the workshop.

Workshop fees are non-refundable if a participant is sent home for disciplinary reasons.