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Students Inspired by Still Life

Students Inspired by Still Life
August 18, 2020

Students Inspired by Still Life

Middle school students participating in Manchester Craftsmen's Guild virtual summer class "Plant One On Me" were exposed to the art of macro photography by instructors Kelly Lanzendorfer and Germaine Watkins. Students got up close and personal with organic objects. They started by taking pictures of various plants in and outside of their houses during quarantine. Assignments then led to taking pictures of their lunch and dinner. That’s when students really showed their creativity. They began to look closer, naturally creating artistic expressions from routine life.

An idea for a collaboration (like our previous Cars and Cameras collaboration) between MCG and the Frick began to form. In honor of World Photography Day on August 19, students were instructed to examine Jan van Os's painting Still Life with Fruit and produce their own photographic interpretations. These could be literal or figurative, inspired purely by the visuals of the painting, or incorporate additional research into the work, artist, and still life genre. 

Jan Van Os (Dutch, 1744–1808). 
Still Life with Fruit, 1769.
Oil on canvas. 

The following macro images of various fruits, plants, and insects are their echoings of the van Os painting: 

Luna Emmerling

Kelly Lanzendorfer

Raisa Suhrbier

Germaine Watkins

Cami Wright

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