The Frick in Your Neighborhood: Community Outreach Events

The Frick in Your Neighborhood: Community Outreach Events
October 3, 2019 By: Molly Kilbridge, Manager of Community & Family Learning

The Frick in Your Neighborhood: Community Outreach Events

If you have visited the Frick during the school year, you have probably seen school groups around the site and in one of our three museums. If you have visited the Frick during the summer, you may have enjoyed outdoor music and entertainment on our beautiful grounds.  What you may not know, however, is that our reach extends beyond our gates. The Frick is often a part of many community festivals and events throughout Pittsburgh. It’s important to the Frick to be out in the community we are a part of, and we enjoy connecting with our neighbors in a different way. We are wrapping up a rather busy summer of art fairs and events in the area.  

We usually kick off our summer of outreach events with the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Summer Reading Extravaganza. Under the shadow of the Carnegie Library’s main branch in Oakland, many local organizations gather to celebrate the start of summer and summer reading. We often bring a bookmark art activity to aid the season of reading. 

Another large event we participate in is A Fair in the Park. This event in Mellon Park is a great way to see a number of local artists display their work.  There is also always a family area, where you can find the Frick table.

Depending on the event, we will bring a hands-on art project or our “history mystery” game.  This game allows people the chance to guess the use of household items that would have been used by the Frick family more than a century ago.  We call these touchables. (To read more about what a touchable is, see this story.) Both of these projects allow community members to engage with a unique side of the Frick.  

These community events allow us to meet people who may or may not have been to the Frick before. We hope that through these small interactions we can peak people’s interest in the art and history the Frick has to offer. Please stop by if you see us at an event. You will know it is us by our kid friendly tablecloth, often covered in marker or paint, a legacy of the fun that was had at the last community gathering.  We enjoy meeting new families and also seeing old friends at outreach events!

The popular season for these events is coming to an end, but the fun never quite stops. You can visit the Frick at a few external events in the fall and winter months. Up next, we will be a part of the Point Breeze Fall Festival on October 12th. This winter, you may see us at the Carnegie Science Center for Engineer the Future, which usually takes place in February. If you see a Frick table at a community event, stop by and say hello!

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