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Make Art Together: Fun with Foil

Make Art Together: Fun with Foil
March 21, 2020 By: Molly Kilbridge, Manager of Community & Family Learning

Make Art Together: Fun with Foil

Now is a great time to be imaginative and resourceful. I think a lot of us have everyday things in our houses we never considered as art materials. Last night, how many of you were thinking of the many ways you could make art out of foil as you wrapped up leftovers? Well, we are here to help with those ideas. Most of the materials used in this project are household items, so there’s no need for a trip to the store. You can use an old box for the cardboard and any type of glue will work. If you don’t have yarn you can use pipe cleaners or even cotton swaps to make your design. Now more than ever it’s important to keep being creative.

A piece of cardboard (any size)
Yarn or pipe cleaners
Glue (glue stick will also work)
Permanent markers

Step 1
Draw a design or pattern on your piece of cardboard. You can draw a picture of something specific or stick with fun lines and patterns. Get creative!

Step 2
Cut and line up the string with the picture you drew. The string won’t line up perfectly with the pencil lines until you add glue. This step will help make the gluing easier. 

Step 3

Glue down the precut string. You can place glue on small sections at a time. If using a glue stick you can cover a small area of your cardboard at a time then add the string. If your design has more detail, try holding the string in place for 10 seconds each time to help it stick better. If any of the string hangs over the edge you can trim that once the glue has dried.

Step 4
Wrap the cardboard with a piece of foil. If you have a glue stick you can place some glue around the edges to help it stick better. Smooth out the spaces in between where you glued the string so your picture can come through.
Step 5
This step requires a little patience and a gentle hand. Now you can color on the foil with permanent marker. I like to color in between where the string is to make the picture more visible. You can also go over the string lines for added detail. Be careful because you can poke through the foil if you press too hard, but that’s ok! The more color you add the less you will notice.

Enjoy your finished project! You can start your own home gallery to display all your awesome artwork. We love to see what you’ve made. Post your art to social media and don’t forget to tag the Frick.
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